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About CSI

Our CSI program is an after school program developed as a model to provide a safe environment for middle school (7th and 8th grade) students at Children First Academy in Phoenix.

Why CSI Is Important

Many of the youth in our CSI program lack the influence of a world where positive models of commitment, work ethics, and/or goal setting have been demonstrated.

Because of circumstances beyond their control, they often live in a chaotic world and struggle with substandard or lack of housing and food insecurity. They often witnessed violence, drug use, abuse, and neglect, yet have overcome the many obstacles that might otherwise have daunted their spirit.

These are amazing kids!

For these kids, school is a “safe space” and we know they can be vulnerable to harm by those who see in them an opportunity for exploitation. As a result, we have created the CSI Clubhouse, furnished entirely by community donations, as a place that they can call “home” after the school day ends.

Through the program, we offer a healthy group alternative to gangs, drugs, abuse and chaos.

Data show that about 50% of high school graduates continue on to college; 25% of those who do go to college actually obtain degrees.

Our goals include preparing our student participants to be life-long learners, productive citizens and critical thinkers who will have the education, character and tools to overcome obstacles that challenge their opportunities for success. We want to encourage them to stay in school, helping them recognize that this is one of the things they can control in their lives and that making it through high school graduation will offer opportunities to be a successful citizen and adult.

We are grateful for those who have come forward to help enrich our after school program for these deserving kids, and encourage others to reach out to see how they can become involved.

Some of our special kids

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