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Welcome to CSI

Our CSI (Community Schools Initiative) after school program has attracted participation and support from some of the best leaders in the greater Phoenix community.

By volunteering to support the CSI program through speaking with and being engaged with our students, these leaders and role models offer our vulnerable youth an opportunity to see the broader world as a place where they might someday interact and be successful.


While doing so and through the interactive presentations, the volunteers and speakers increase the students’ awareness of the many risks they might face due to their difficult life circumstances, while exposing them to the caring community, previously invisible to them.


A Rich and Varied Program

Some of the topics addressed by our speakers have included sex trafficking, internet safety, pornography, healthy relationships, gangs, and gun violence. These discussions offer the students both an awareness of and the tools for a healthier life style, and perhaps ways to respond to the threat. Indeed, we have found that in many instances, the youth have already been exposed to these issues, and had not fully recognized the inherent dangers.
The richness of the program and the variety of topics we are bringing to them offers a chance to learn the life skills needed for self-sufficiency to which they otherwise would likely not be exposed.

Activities and Life Skills Programs

There’s a range of engaging, fun and enabling sessions including:

Cookies for Change

provides experience in on-the-job / project based learning,
self-esteem and teamwork.

Baking for Good

teaches science, math and teamwork through the baking of bread sponsored by
King Arthur Flour.

Website Development

working to create and finalize an online presence for
the CSI program and
Cookies for Change.

Healthy Meals

nutrition and cooking activity teaches the basics of cooking, nutrition, kitchen safety, meal costs and skills to prepare healthy foods.

ASU University Service-Learning Program (USL)

ASU students acting as peer mentors to ultimately encourage our CSI students to stay in school and attend college.

Film Club, Chess Club, Book Club

with the help of the USL students these activities will help develop social, conversational and critical thinking skills.

Field Trips and Community Activities

to broaden the students’ exposure to the community and offer positive experiences, field trips to local sites of educational and cultural interest are conducted

Partner Presentations and Programs

one outside speaker each week works with the group on a topic relating to Prevention and/or Life Skills.

Some of our special kids

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